Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GiveAway! + Stand Back!

I kinda feel like our "Doom" squirrel, low on emotional and physical energy.  It has been a trying 12 months and looks like we have a few more ahead in our family.  Doom Squirrel  is what my boys call the squirrel each season who arrives with attitude.  He could care less that we live here...cause this is his hood and you better play by his rules.  Enzo tries to scare him with his barking but Doom Squirrel just looks down at him and  gives him the paw.  But in this photo he is running low on attitude. lol

Remember all these stars!  They were part of the BOW by Primitive Gatherings in 2011!  They are done...but, what I found out is that when I started them I wasn't so good at precision.  Precision...that word in the quilting world that means the block finishes at the size the pattern specifies and all your points are perfect.

The Stars are spectacular...if...you...STAND BACK!!!  There was a definite skill line that was crossed about halfway through their construction. Those early stars...well lets say they look more like cogs than stars! lol 

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that I am now answering comments on the blog.  I am not sure when I do that if you are sent an email response but I thought that by sending email responses the rest of the readers may not get a question answered that one particular follower asks about a quilt or pattern...or Enzo.  From now one all comments will be answered on the blog so everyone can be part of the conversation line.

Remember this fun pattern by Bird Brain that combines both piecing and embroidery?!  

Here is the Give Away!  For the most part I like to play it forward when it comes to my patterns.  If I know I am done...never to make another one...I will play it forward with whatever left over fabrics there are.  I choose this pattern to celebrate the opening of a Bird Brain's Store Front!!!  So if you would like to participate...here is what you need to do...

1. Be a signed up follower
2. leave me a comment on this blog post if you have a "Stand Back" quilt  

Drawing will be on Sunday!