Saturday, April 28, 2012

Give Away, the Last Day or...

Believe in Something Greater Than Yourself!

With each blog I ponder what the title will be.  I believe how one leads into the blog, moment, day, month, year or life somewhat determines the outcome.  As much as we all would love to believe that the world just couldn't spin one more degree without us in fact, it's very job is to keep on spinning whether we are here or not.  So how do we leave a paw print on the world?  When I look at Wyatt I believe in my future....

I also believe in my future when I look at my stash!  The way I have it figured if I keep creating quilts the shear weight of them will slow the spinning rate of the earth thus prolonging the length on my existence.  My stash alone (which is only a fraction of Anne's)  provides me comfort in that future.  As I wind down to having only one job (6 more shifts to go) I thank the universe that I invested in my stash!  There is a future for me in quilting and to be a fiscally responsible quilter I am heading out today with Robin to partake in the shop hop, stimulate the economy (while I can) and build up my homespun stash!

Martha is so right!  So, I am taking my somewhat frazzled disposition...putting a happy face on it and I am going to enjoy whatever circumstances spin into my life.

This is the last day to sign up for the Give Away  click on the link and follow the instructions.  Tomorrow the dog dish is going to cough up someone!