Thursday, April 19, 2012


I know I have posted this quote by John F. Kennedy before but it seems especially appropriate in recent days.  At retreat (yes, I am still feeling the high of retreat) one of our members shared her fear that life/circumstances would affect the choice and ability for our group to continue forward.  We reminisced about members who have moved or dropped out.  It is like any long term group...tight and hard to fit in because there is so much history.  A portion of time is spent at every retreat talking about this shared history...and as much as a new member would add some spice they would also feel like an outsider.  Much like someone in a family who brings the "second" wife or husband to Thanksgiving dinner.  But the wonderful thing I have found is the variety of groups out there and I participate in a handful for the varied personalities, the shared knowledge and common passions.  I love my quilt groups. But, change is inevitable.  I used to be an adorable baby which made a cute little girl, who grew into a self conscious teen, skier, then became a struggling college student, confused employee,  star struck madly in love young woman, wife, mother!,  struggling college student (again), an efficient employee, a take no prisoner mom, needle-pointer, tole painter, seller of second hand junk, vegetarian, 1 acre farmer, carnivore, cross-stitcher, seller of crafts, skier (again), quilter,  adult orphan...which requires a whole new look at ones life.  Yes, change is inevitable and in the change I hang on to those people who contribute to my life and I can contribute to theirs.  Always,  grateful for the past (good and bad) accepting of the present and dreaming of the future.

Now that my yada, yada is over I have something fun to share!  Since I have to spend 10 hours at work I consciously try to find the joy in the people.  Boy, did I hit the jackpot yesterday!  One of my patients brought along a family member who was a crocheting genius!  As I talk to this person I learned that she NEVER uses a pattern!  I have learned along the journey of life...people try to find different ways to cope and this person had quit smoking by crocheting.  This kept the hands busy!  Such a smarty!  Like quilting, crocheting had become a passion and now she was spending more on yarn than cigarettes, lol...but it is healthier! I know a lot of quilters do other handwork so here is a peek and some fun ideas!

Little Monkey with a tail!

Fat Baby Boots (if you don't know what Fat Baby's are, Google...they are the best boots!)

Mary Jane's!

Cute hats and the flowers are interchangeable with other colors!

Camo flower for daddy's girl! lol

Have a great Thursday!  I am heading over to Sisters (Customer Appreciation Day) and will have a slide show tomorrow!