Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweet Saturday

Today is a day of putzing and I am going to enjoy every second!  I am working on my free BOM from BJ's Quilt Basket.  This yearly project got off to a rough start but BJ's has gotten the program on a smooth ride.  I really love the blocks...they are different and I am so glad I chose the Christmas mystery.

Yesterday I had a fantastic morning.  By fantastic I mean fun, interesting and new.  The last time I had gone to a garage sale was when the kids were young and even then I probably could count on one hand how many time we went.  On the spur of the moment after looking through the classifieds I decided to go to 2 estate sales.  WOW.  The first one was run by a professional estate business.  You could show up an hour before the start of the sale and get a number.  I showed up 45 minutes before the start and I was number 70!!!  I didn't mind waiting for my number to be called because I met and talked with a whole crowd of people who do this on a regular basis!  Each room of the house was filled with a variety of items...and you could tell what the people who lived there liked...I pegged this one to either be a Budweiser exec...or a judge.  After an hour I had made my purchases.  3 ironstone plates, a carving set with carved stag horn handles made in Germany, a green milk glass mixing bowl and an original copy of the Rolling Stones Magazine with a nude John Lennon lying with Yoko Ono on the, fun, fun.

The second sale was scarier.  It was advertised as a Hoarders Sale.  Down a country road the property was covered with things to buy.  Apparently the owners had passed away but during their life had made a living selling second hand items.  It was fascinating to see what everyone was interested in...and I asked the person behind me if they started to worry about themselves when they see something like this...NOPE!  There was a wide range of stuff from the expensive art...down to toothpick holders.  I did leave a bid on 2 items which will be decided on Sunday, a wagon train painting and a casted metal Remington.  Actual purchase, 1 old blue glass bottle.

Am I hooked?...naw...will I do it again? was fun!