Friday, March 2, 2012

A Solid Day

It is off to work today but yesterday was a good day.  One of those solid days where you can say it was a day worth being.  I met Robin for some coffee and eats at one of my favorite off the beaten path places in Bend, McKay's Cottage.  The former home of a lawyer in town was moved...yes the entire home was moved to OB Reily Rd. and they serve the best breakfast in town.  I can honestly say I have never eaten lunch there because I can't stand not having breakfast!  They have a bakery case and an interesting selection of choices from the traditional to the edgy.  But really...could you pass up a latte that looks like this!!!

I have also been doing a LOT of daydreaming about our future home.  Our lot is in Sisters and someday we are going to break ground...maybe someday soon.  But in the meantime HH and I dream and talk and dream and talk.  The lots left front corner is where all those utilities are located behind Enzo and I and then runs to the right beyond the photo.  I am not sure how much sewing I'll get done with a view like that!

Remember I mentioned that a few photos from my home were featured in the local paper.  The article was written by Linda Turner Griepentrog the newest independent writer for The Bulletin.  There was one mistake in the article...not by Linda but during the editing process...they said I owned the Woolie Mammoth Quilt Store!!! LOL  No wonder I am tired all the time!!!  I now have 3 jobs!!  The one disappointing issue in the article is that the photographer took MANY photos and several of them were of Enzo on his bed quilt, sitting in front of quilts, lying underneath quilted wallhangings...not one was in the article.  Even though the article came out on Tuesday I haven't had the heart to show it to him.  So if you are interested in reading Linda's article which in the print edition was titled Beyond the Bed just click and enjoy.  You have to click underneath the photo for the other 3 photos featured.

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