Monday, March 12, 2012

Sawtooth Star

The Sawtooth Star is my all time favorite block.  Sure there are blocks that are more stunning, complicated and amazing but there is something about the simplicity of the Sawtooth Star that I love.  Depending on the placement of color and value you can make secondary patterns appear.  One of my favorite variations is when a nice patch is place in the center. 

According to The Building Block Series "Star blocks of all varieties are quilter favorites, but the sawtooth star was around for almost 100 years before it was referred to as a star!  quilt historians date its first publication to 1884, when it was call the Sawtooth block.  It wasn't until the late 1970's that "Star" was added to it's name.  This block traditionally has dark points, a medium center and light outer pieces.  Change those color values around, and it becomes a different star block altogether!"

Enjoy the free pattern for the little quilt above by clicking Sawtooth Star and make your own little quilt.  I think on my next day off I might make myself a little Sawtooth Star Quilt also!  And let me know what your favorite quilt block is and maybe I'll make a little quilt with yours!