Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Putt Putt...I Think I Can...I Think I Can...

I have been of late trying to chug a lug up the hill of life....but it is a challenge when there have been 7 coworkers who have lost a loved one in the last 6 months.  It seems someone is on bereavement leave every week...Yikes!  It seems to be the fate of the baby boomer generation...there are a lot of us.  And, our parents are living longer...but then the ticket get punched!  Whenever there is a loss it is like someone is peeling off the bandage on your own heart ((sigh))...so what to do???  When I had my physical a couple of weeks ago my doctor said that although depression makes you not want to do anything...that in fact getting out and doing something helps the depression.  Yada, Yada, Yada...you can know something but doing it is another thing all together!  Lucky for me Enzo spends a good portion of his time staring at me...that penetrating gaze.  He can stand in one spot for a very long time...just looking at me...trying to mind meld and say...Hey! You! with the droopy heart get off your A#$%. So we did.  We went for a very brisk walk and then ran errands and when we got home there was mail!  

I had purchased this cross stitch pattern which was to be inserted in a sewing box.  That pattern is Blackbird design and since I am officially a fan of Alma's I had to give it a try.  I will have to stain the box before I can insert all the little cross stitched pin cushions and panels.  Cute huh!

While running errands which included a pair of work out pants...cause I need to get my derriere (that french for A#$%) moving I found this metal easel at Fred Myers.  That is a local store that carries groceries to paint.  This will work perfectly for displaying any manner of framed quilt or stitchery.  It was only $13.99!

I finished this wool/embroidery project on the road trip home from the grandkids.  It speaks the truth...as I have felt this last 6 months...it is the life in your years!