Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Memories...there here someplace...

I was sent this video from a Woolie follower and it made me laugh out loud.  But then, I forgot what I was laughing about...NOT!!! lol  But the fact is I am finding that my memory is not what it used to be. When HH and I watch TV we are also googling the names of the actors because we not only can't remember their names we can't stand not remembering! If by chance we remember the name without googling we'll high 5 each other!  As I realize that I am looking at the downside of my '50s I seem to be more organized.  I no longer lose my keys because like a trained monkey I now put them in the exact same place each time I come into the house.  Reading pair for each room.  Instead of feeling like I am getting older...I kinda feel like I am more efficient.  The thing I like about myself is that i can put a positive spin on dirt!

From the same Woolie follower I received a surprise in the mail!  Corney as I call her (Cornwoman) or Mary as her family knows her sent me a kit! I much admired a wall hanging she had made of pumpkins and she found some extra cut out pieces for the pumpkins and sent them to me.  Quilters are the most generous people in the world.  Already cut and labeled with freezer paper I am ready to applique!  I think I will take them to retreat in April!  Thank you Corney you are wonderful!

have a great day I am heading out to work...I think???