Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Living Large...NOT!

I think I might have mentioned this before on the blog...but, after all I am getting older and that allows me the opportunity to occasionally be a bore and repeat myself. LOL  Back in the in the mid to late 90's I refused to throw any scrap of fabric away.  The leavings off of flying geese...snowball know what I am talking about.  Perfectly cut fabrics in coordinating colors.  The result was piles of little pieces.  Thus, I became a Miniature Quilt piecer.  For a period of time I made mini creations, subscribed to Miniature Quilt Magazine (no longer in print) and was featured in two of their issues.

The design and quilt below I called Salt Water Taffy.  The finished blocks measure 1 1/4 inch!!!  I must have been nuts!

In a later issue I was featured with this little gem.  Sunbonnet Sue blocks finish at 2 inches...and NO I did not needle turn those little girls.  They are fused and button hole stitched.  I created little Yo yo's with antique pearl buttons.

I moved on from mini quilts, living large in the world of the big quilt until this last year when I started yearning for the little things in life.  But, I had given away all my little scraps.  Then Sunday I discovered the Sawtooth Quilt and blogged about it on Monday.  I just couldn't stop thinking about that little quilt.  I got up early yesterday morning booted up the sewing room lap top (hadn't been in there for a while) and took a look at the directions.  I decided to see if I could effectively make this quilt out of a 5 inch pack.

First with a cup of coffee on board I separated the pack into solid darker values and background pieces.

Out of 2 - 5 inch squares I could get all the pieces needed to make one star.  I changed the background directions from the pattern choosing to only use 2 fabrics for each star.  The fabrics on the right side of the photo are what was left over from the 2 - 5 inch squares with careful cutting.

The result, a cute 3 inch block!  How in the world I made a quilt block that finished at 1 1/4 inch is incredible.  I can only chalk it up to I was younger, better eye sight and not as cute as I am now ( not sure what cuteness has to do with it but hey, if you can't toot your own horn...right! ROFLOL