Monday, March 5, 2012

Life Is A Chair Of Bowlies

Ahhh, whether we are ready or not tomorrow arrives and when life gives you lemons Robin makes lemonade.  Just about the time her mother passed away Robin had ordered craft room furniture from the Martha Steward collection.  Sitting in boxes it waited for her return.  Now put together it is such a great set and the color "rhododendron leaf" is so soothing.  She ordered the same paint color from Martha's paint colors and painted some of her existing pieces in the same color. 

Her best friend Brim has got a cozy spot to hang out when she is crafting away...that's the thing...Robin is one of those people who is crafty at heart.

See this fruit bowl...Robin made it!

...and look at this ceramic bird house!  love the color!

I love this piece with the embossed leaf patterns

A lot of quilters enjoy other crafts...I'm interested in what crafts you're involved in???