Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Have Stars In My Eyes...Accept It! LOL

The "Honey Badger" never showed up to work yesterday.  It was a pleasant day where everyone showed up with their pleasant game faces.  I actually got off a couple of hours early which meant Enzo got a walk in the snow!  When he chases the geese I actually believe I hear

I saw this quote and thought if only we could all accept, life would be less painful.  As human beings we seem to have this need to be right rather than accept that sometimes we can only agree to disagree.  That is my thought of the day.

Since I got off a couple of hours early I not only walked Enzo but I took a nap and I finished my mini stars.  The free pattern can be accessed off my Pinterest site on the board called "Little Quilts" and if you click twice it will take you to the page on where the instructions are located.

Each star is 3 inches finished and took two carefully cut charms from a charm pack!

I just have to find some binding material in my stash and finish quilting!  

Hope your day is filled with stars!