Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Believe In Something Greater Than Myself

I woke up yesterday morning and realized that there was something greater than myself out there and their names were Byron and Wyatt. It didn't matter my hourly wage, nor how great my dog is, whether HH listens to me (he does) much fabric I have...or if my manager approved my vacation request. The only thing I could think about is the need...the see my grandchildren!

The passes were slammed! We decided to go around the storm. Hurricane warnings on the coast...5 - 8 inches of snow on the passes. But with the grandparent need we trekked forward. Thank goodness for the IPad!!

The storm was definately thinking about the entire state of Oregon!!!

Burrrr was it cold!!!

But then we reached them!! The Angry Bird hat was purchased on the trip to SF for Wyatt but It fit Byron even better!!

We are blessed. Wyatt will never have to worry who has his back...his big brother Byron!

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