Wednesday, March 21, 2012

High Ho, High Ho, It's off to work I go...

I don't know about you but I CANNOT wait to see the movie Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts as the evil stepmother!  Although I do have to gives me pause that Julia who I think of as one of Hollywood's sexy leading ladies is now actually evil step mother material...I guess we all get older...but really...Pretty Woman to Mirror Mirror?!

I have been paying attention to the advice I am getting about moving, sewing and creating chaos in getting my Mojo flowing.  Yesterday Enzo and I headed out into the freezing cold.  Although it was only 34 degrees it felt much colder because of the wet! could I not do what this guy says!  Although the geese along the way were mighty ticked off at being rounded up by a poodle in a red jacket! lol

I loved the prints the geese leave.  It is funny because when he comes hauling they start honking.  Just as he comes up on their rear they will take off, fly a few hundred yards and land...then he comes running again and it is repeated over and over again...shear joy on his part! P O'd on their part. lol

It is not cooking but, I am REALLY proud about these prepared jars of salad for the week.  These jars represent the movement of my Mojo...and I can feel it!  I love the Pinterest many fabulous ideas and inspirations!

...and so as I head off to work...

....poor surgeons...ROFLOL