Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Flippin' Bird Challenge

For those of you new to the blog I'll give a short explanation of the Flippin' Bird Challenge.  The Fabric Stalkers got tired of hearing one of our members yada, yada, yada about a UFO that she had been dragging to retreat for several years that was made up of "birds in the air" blocks.  Several years back she started referring to it as her Flippin' Bird quilt.  Well, we were finally done and decided to take it away from her and finish it up into an entirely new quilt...BUT WAIT...why should she get a reinvented quilt while the rest of us were still stuck with our own flippin' bird type of the challenge was created and we would pass around the partially completed quilts with whatever fabric was in the box. We could cut up previously made blocks, rip them apart, add a new piece and start building a new quilt.  Sometimes all you would have to do is add a calming inner boarder to tone a quilt down...sometimes you would be the one that would have to stretch your imagination.  The project has been going on for over a year and is getting close to winding down.  I have Val's quilt and the next unveiling will be at our retreat in April.  As you can the quilt originally started with one block, the star in the center.  My "quilty sense" tells me that it has reached it appropriate circumference.  You can see the last person added a taming small border which would mean I would either have to add a bigger pieced border or do something entirely different.  I found the perfect solution! But, naturally can't reveal it until it has been unveiled at retreat!

I really encourage you to think about doing a similar challenge with a group of people (they don't even have to be your besties).  Of course they can't be like my friend Marilyn (CC as she is known to the woolie group) because she buys the fabric for a project and finishes it before moving on to the next!  There really are aliens who walk amongst us!  No, you must do this challenge with like minded people, those who when you suggest it will spend a week digging through the piles of projects partially done and are having a hard time deciding which one to choose!  You know who you are!

Have a wonderful Saturday...I know I will because the grand kids are in town!