Friday, March 9, 2012

Be Happy (and the winner is....)

Yesterday I had a yearly "well woman" exam with a new physician.  For years I had been seeing a nurse practitioner maneuvering my own outcome.  I decided this was the year of reality.  So I researched, talk to and finally chose a doctor.  Our first meeting was a pleasant surprise, young, smart and direct.  I was sent off to get lab work and request ALL my other records.  Yesterday was a physical exam, pap, and  lab evaluation.  The result, I am basically healthy...BUT...I need to lose weight, lower my cholesterol, exercise...and, she said something to me that hit me like a V8!  Every time I eat in dipping bread in olive favorite yummy, it is like I am having a bowl of ice cream!!!  Holy Crap!!!  I need to decrease my carb intact... but, I love carbs (insert whine here)...on the other hand I like being happy better.  Don't short change yourself get a check up, you deserve the best life you can create.  You ask what does this have to do with quilting...well funny you should ask...with all the money I save not buying bread...I gonna buy fabric! ROFLOL  Because....

The winner of the Friends & Neighbor Pattern is Gill from the United Kingdom who said, "So Cute! How about Rory?" No guarantee Sandy will like this name but the dog dish has made a decision! lol  Send me your mailing address! 

Thank you to all that entered I didn't (mea culpa, mea culpa) answer all the entry emails...I can barely keep up on the non Give Away ones.  But know that I read them all and  want to thank everyone for taking the time to play with me.  Welcome to the new followers, glad you are here!