Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Woolie Fun!

Today I felt like having a cup of coffee and just talking with you.  A little woolie blog time before I start to hit the door running.  I love early mornings watching the sun come up, catching up on my email, checking out my Pin site for fun new ideas.  My dear friend Robin is an early bird and so when I texted her at 0515 in the morning...she called.  Life can be so challenging.  In the same week she lost her mother, she also lost a nephew.  Please keep her in your thoughts and if you pray...pray for relief.  Life is so wonderful but it is peppered with moments of shear heartache...and so, it is those moments of calm and sweetness that you must roll around in it like a pig in a mud puddle.  It reminds of a story years ago...I let my little dog Yoshi (9lb toy poodle) out the front door for a little romp in the front yard.  We lived on a cul de sac and it was safe for dogs and kids.  When he came back he was literally covered in dog shit!!!!  As in matted, stinky grin on his face....or rather excuse my French...shit eating grin dog face!  I was horrified that someone would grab my dog and rub excrement all over him.  Not being an experienced  dog owner I called Robin...blabbing that I was gonna find the $%^& who did this to my dog.  Robin explained that dog like to jump right into a big pile of $%^& whether it be horse, cow or big dog...crap!  We can take a lesson from them, sometime you gotta just roll right in it and come up smiling!

My redwork is coming along...I am so excited about this project...LOL...I think I say that about every project!  But thankfully to my future DIL Emily who last night on SKYPE told me I could watch season 2 of Downton Abbey on the Internet by going to PBS I was able to get another area stitched.

The Woolie blog is not only to write my ramblings and share my world...both quilting/wool and non quilting but to also share what I discover along the way.  With that said I have added 2 new blogs to the blog list on the right hand side for yours and my pleasure.  The first is La Maison de Maristella who hails from Verona, Italy.  I love expanding my world both in creating and connecting.  She has a google translator bar so you can click and read in English.  The second one I added was for my own guilty pleasure...Beyond Kimchee  Korean food is not only extremely healthy but very savory and I want to learn to make more dishes at home since in Bend, Oregon...I would have to travel 3 hours over a mountain to find a Korean restaurant or store!  Both of these blogs are now added on the right hand side of the Woolie blog on the blog list...Enjoy!!!  Let's meet tomorrow for coffee again!


  1. That is a beautiful piece, stitching to me is fun and relaxing, so pieces like this are nice to do at night while we watch our favorite programs.


  2. I love that stitchery pattern! Is it your own or did you purchase it?

  3. Your stitching is coming along beautifully on this. Yes, enjoy the moments of life. They are gifts.
    I'm having a book giveaway on my blog if you are interested :-)

  4. Tell Robin she's in my thoughts and prayers. Too much sorrow in one week!

  5. Your little sewing machine project is just humming along. I'm looking forward to next week, when I can watch a little of that show.

    Robin's in my prayers for her losses.

    I'll meet you for coffee, but I can't stay too long. I have a guild party to go to in the morning!

  6. Early mornings are my favorites also - such a quiet and peaceful time before the world awakes.

    Your redwork stitchery is so sew cute - love the red check for the borders.

    I'm so sorry for your dear friend Robin's losses. I will keep her in my prayers. I'm sure you are a big comfort to each other.

    Until tomorrow!

  7. Love! Love! Love your sewing machine! Mine is coming along nicely too~ due to a broken computer and power outage over the weekend. ;-)
    Sending T&P's for your friend Robin!

  8. The sewing machine is going to be way cute when finished. I was doing so well on completing my projects, then along came fons and porters show this last sat. They worked threw a quilt called 54 40 or fight(totally not my style) fell in love with it. Guess what, I have 6 blocks done.
    Give Robin big hugs!!!

  9. I love this sewing machine!! Who is the pattern by? I would love to stitch a few of these for gifts for Christmas!!!!