Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Treasure!

Look at what I found!  I was having to go from one side of town to the other  when I decided to stop by one of my favorite junk stores.  They had a bunch of distressed painted tool boxes...some in green, yellow and red.  I love the versatility it will provide for some Prim decor ideas I have.  And can't you see changing the theme by the seasons or holidays!

Today I am heading out with my friend Irene for coffee and girlfriend time.  Although I do have plans to set aside some time to quilt.  The soul has to be filled somehow!  I have a pile of projects that just need a little done here and there and they would be completed...but...I do hear the siren call of a new project!  LOL  I hope your weekend is filled with fun, which reminds me of a funny scene in a series I am watching called Downton Abbey.  it is a British series about an aristocratic family and their servants.  To make a long story short the family is meeting a long lost cousin and his mother who are "middle class" and they are appalled that the son has found a "job" with a solicitor and will have weekends off.  The matriarch asks, "What's a weekend?"  I laughed out loud!  I guess if you are rolling in the dough and have never had to work the concept of weekend has no meaning...go figure!  Enjoy!