Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quilting Stim in...Quilting Stimulation!  There are people in this world who bring nothing but excitement and stimulation to my quilting brain!  I was lucky enough to spend yesterday afternoon with such a group.  The interesting thing about quilters is they usually don't just quilt.  They cross stitch, garden, rug hook, embroider and cook.  This means there is no reason to be bored...EVER!

Anne in her process of organizing her stash, WIPs, UFOs, PhDs, books and patterns found a cross stitch project that was half done...and then she finished it!  Tomorrow I will give you a peek at how she organizes.  This is the thing about cleaning and find stuff you forgot!

These are the corner stones of an ongoing project she is very close to finishing...I love when I get to that final border!

If there is one person in this world I am green with envy it is a Woolie follower named Beth...why you is because she has a way of getting my friend Marilyn to make her wool project for her!!! Here I am, living in Bend...near Marilyn and she makes these wonderful projects for her friend in another state!  You are sooooo lucky Beth...isn't the latest one beautiful!

such perfect stitching!

This the January rug...

...for this very cute Prim Sheep.

Framed wool and embroidery projects...with hearts it is perfect for February. 

Check in tomorrow for a discussion about organizing and a small peek at some of Anne's stash!