Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quilt Show!

Is your schedule as crazy as mine? Although I can complain with the best of them about my insane life, I WOULD go insane if I was bored. I might have told you this story before but anyhoo...with an insane life comes memory lapse. 

 The first year HH and I were married I nearly drove him insane. He is a peaceful guy, his life is balanced, he naps at lunch and it is not uncommon to catch him just sitting quietly. Whereas I am like the Tasmanian Devil. One day in that first year I asked can you just sit there??? Don't you want/need to do this, and that and this again???? (said in a slightly high pitched voice) His answer to me, "how can you know what you want in life if you don't sit quietly and day dream?" I SHOULD HAVE HAD A V-8!!! I had never had anyone say that to me...I spent most of my life with my family just watching me and shaking their heads! We now have a sign that hangs in our bedroom that says, "Daydream." People who read the blog or know me often ask how do you get so much is not always a good thing and my goal is to find that place where I can find peace...a balance between the frenetic and the quiet. A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

And now for the Quilt Show...which is what led me to this big run on thought about an insane life...I forgot to post the First Friday Quilt video from QuiltWorks.  If you remember I couldn't even get near the quilts.  Working that day I arrived after the show started and it was in scary packed.  Most likely because the feature quilter, Sally Rogers is such a popular local quilter.  She made her first quilt 54 years ago as a newlywed on a Singer featherweight her grandmother had given her.  I love the show...and every quilt in it!  Although I definitely have a quirky bent to some of my quilting...I am a traditional gal.  Enjoy the show!

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