Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Quiet Before The Quilting Storm...

I am heading over to Quiet River today for some last minute tweaks in anticipation of the 2012 Fabric Stalkers Quiet River Retreat which begins on Thursday.  It is quiet here as many of the neighbors are snowbirds and spending the Winter in warmer climates.  The river is full and flowing at a nice clip with the ducks and geese already thinking about Spring!  The river is so full that part of the trail is submerged.  I am so looking forward to this time of intense sewing and talking with the girlfriends.  There is something so wonderful when a group of women can spend all day in their PJ's just talking and sewing... reminiscent of our more innocent times of childhood.  There is a safe feeling in this place where the outside world of worries rarely intrudes...and, if it does there is someone to give you hug and reassure you that you will survive whatever comes down the river.

Later this morning I will be creating chaos at my house trying to figure out what projects I want to take over there...the best part of this retreat for me is I don't have to sweat it too much if I forget something or change my mind....my sewing room is only 2 streets over from Quiet River!  It is a day filled with quilting one way or another...cause this afternoon I will be stitching at Anne's house which is always a wonderful way to spend some time!

Take my advise...spend some time with a stitching girlfriend this week, you'll look younger (cause laughter makes you look younger), you'll be less depressed (hard to be depressed when you're with friends who love you) and it is amazing what a little wine, chocolate, conversation and fabric can do for the body!