Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organization As A Shopping Tool

Before I begin my thoughts on "organization as a shopping tool" I thought I would share a few photos I took at Anne's  house because I am always amazed at the little things that make such a big difference.  There are those who walk into Pier One and walk out with an exact replica of their displays...and then there are those like me who have a hodge podge, where a decorator will say, "you have a lot going on here."  As in...decor confusion.  And then, there is Anne who seems to just know what will make a statement and it all flows together!  Like this lamp on top of a stack of books.  They could be your all time favorite books, in a kitchen they could be cook guest rooms good reading or children's books!  So sweet!

Wish this photo wasn't so blurry but I must have been laughing when I took it.  Simple and block tacked over batting and sticky board and placed on a plate rack.

I am going to start making small quilts.  You can use up some favorite fabrics and have the satisfaction of a job well done!

 I LOVE this quilt and the color and value are so well placed...and check out the neat hanger!

I made this quilt! except I chose a different border setting.

...and now... to the discussion about organization.  Taking a photo of Anne's newly organized stash (this in only a small percentage of the stash) made me think...if you could see everything you would be less likely to impulse shop.  If there was a way to store fabric where you could see what you had and you shopped there first you might be able to retire earlier??!!!

Each box contains...a kit.  Yep, a kit, they are labeled with the name.  I think she should add the year purchased.  When she put this organizational tool into effect she said it became much easier to stay on the fabric diet!  All my kits are stuffed into drawers and I truly have no idea what is in there.  I think when I build my dream sewing room I am going to do this!  The boxes were purchased at JoAnn's during their 50% off sales (you gotta save money somewhere).  There are so many great ideas and if you check my Pinterest site and look at the sewing room is really fun to dream about how organized you would be...

Today I head over to Quiet River...ahhhh a long weekend of making a dent in my UFO's!