Monday, February 6, 2012

No Judgement

I am going to give myself a little grace and I am going to ask for some from all of you...cause I am computer challenged.  Now you wouldn't think this cause I work on computers all day at work, I do business on a computer, I am an email queen and I have been writing some sort of blog for 3 years...but yes I occasionally get stumped and then it causes a tantrum which then freezes all brain function...and sometime results in an "ugly cry."

I was able to post the pattern for the February ornament...but it wasn't until the middle of the night that I realized that I didn't attach the ongoing directions.  So I hope you printed them otherwise you are going to have to wait till I get some free time to figure it out!  In posting the pattern I had to delete the January pattern which have one month to print a copy and then on the 5th of each month the previous months comes off and the new one goes on.  No biggie, you just need to be organized (a word that is lost in my life).  To get to the pattern you click on the poinsettia button.

Isn't February's ornament adorable!  Robin created something fun for February with just a touch of Christmas and a lot of love.  She sewed little red seed beads all around the hearts.

Have a great Monday...I am off to confront the computers at work!