Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meeting With The Man!

Today was business day and my sister and I had a meeting with our attorney and this was the view from his conference room! WOW! He is awesome and has been worth every cent in "attorniness" lol. But really...I couldn't work with a view like this.

After we were finished we decided to spend the rest of the day playing...and so the Jones sisters headed for Beach street down by the waterfront.

We had lunch at an amazing dim sum restaurant and the food was exquisite. They were constantly bringing food around for you to try. We finally had to say STOP. The funny thing was we were brought a small piece of seasoned sea bass that was to die was so good that we ordered a second serving. I was telling my sister how I once made a dish for my girlfriends with sea bass and it was $20 a pound! Yikes! When we went to pay our lunch bill it came to...$110!!! My sister was asking how come it was so much?? And that is when we found out that each piece of sea bass we ordered was $20! LOL. I wanted to go back and eat that $4 piece I had left on the plate! I had a banana for dinner...LOL

The thing about San Francisco is that it is a goumands' delight and you could not leave without having a cup of Blue Bottle taste better when they create art work on top.

And just because I was missing HH I found this giant letter "G" that reminded me he was waiting for me to come home.

The Transgender Ball was swinging into it's second day and the reigning King and Queen are the guy in the shiny white jacket and the guy in the shiny silver dress...and when I told them that no one dresses up like this in Bend...turns out they used to live on Awbrey Butte...small world. The world is filled with fascinating people and not all of them are quilters!

Starting Monday I will be posting some great slide shows and I think I will announce the winner of the Give Away on Tuesday! As for today I will be flying the friendly skies of United!

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