Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It Is The Love Of Fabric...

It is the love of fabric that drives us to seek out fabric stores where ever we travel.  I may have been a little out of my element in Britex.  4 stories of all things sewing...can you imagine an entire floor of notions!  The few customers that were there on a Saturday morning with me were designer types.  Stylish with that haughty look.  Even the sales clerks seemed like they were styling...and the look on their faces when I told them I was looking for wool that I might felt!   Sacre Bleu!!!

What is truly amazing is that this store and the needle point store in the slide show have been around since I was a youngster!  When I was a kid my parents would take us to SF and we'd have the run of the town...anywhere you could walk or take a bus.  I visited Golden Gate park annually...and going to China Town, walking around eating roast duck that had moments before hung in the window.  I attended numerous symphony performances, operas (my mom's favorite) and of course the Ice Capades!  It is a different town now.  Although I felt safe enough on my own during the day...night is another story.

Enjoy the slide show...there is nothing better on a sunny day than San Francisco...except for Portland! lol

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