Sunday, February 19, 2012

High & Lows

Life is a series of highs and lows. Lately it seems many of those close to me are sliding down in the lows. What do you do to survive your lows? Post me a comment so the rest of us can get some tips on surviving this experience called life! I tend to do mindless things like playing Solitaire on the computer. Depending on the depth of my low I may not even have the energy to sew...the math take too much work...that quarter inch is a killer! LOL. On the other hand embroidery with one color is mindless and I love the end result!

Starting today this week will be a busy one. I have book club tonight which I am hosting. I chose to host "Bossy Pants" by Tina Fey because I wanted more laughter in my life. I've asked everyone to bring one personal funny story to share. Laughter really is the best medicine in life! And tonight I want to laugh so hard I pee my pants!!!  The beginning of the week I am working and getting ready to fly to California for a meeting...the best part is one of the Fabric Stalkers is picking me up at the airport and we are hitting some of her favorite quilt stores!!! Since I am crossing state lines I am definitely going off my fabric diet!! I am sooooo dang excited.  I have a lot of handwork to prep for the trip....hummm what do I want to do?  It is a good life when you have so many choices.

Finished quilting my blue table runner...I love the binding and I will have a new project done.  This cannot count as a UFO because I purchased the pattern in the last 6 months!

And here is the latest photo of "he who holds the power."  He definitely is one of my highs!  Hard to believe he is only 3 weeks old...he looks so wise!