Monday, February 13, 2012

Final Chapter 2012 Quiet River

Ahhh the final chapter of the 2012 Quiet River Retreat.  Fabric is such a little part of the retreat for me...which seems ludicrous since it is a quilting retreat.  The most important part of the retreat is being with my friends.  Being able to sit around in your pj's all day and talk of grand kids, kids, husbands, siblings, health, the news, books, movies,  grief, joy, retirement??, careers, homes, retirement?? oh yeah... and quilts.  

The Fabric Stalkers have been together doing our friendship/quilting dance for years and the retreats have evolved into 3 major ones with short get togethers in between.  Quiet River, Sunriver and the Beach.  Each one has it's own flavor and since the Quiet River is in town we save travel costs and our family responsibilities can still be met. Allowing us to make that sports meet, business meeting, workout schedule... It is a relaxing retreat which has included a movie run...the most stressful part of this retreat is making sure the photos taken for this blog show every one's best side! LOL

Today we are all back to reality, concerned for our Robin and dreaming about the Sunriver Retreat which is in April.

The quilt below has a story...completed by Irene at retreat it is the 2011 BJ's Quilt Basket BOM.  She made it for her car mechanic and his wife for all their help.  It has license plate fabrics, travel fabrics...and all around fun fabrics. 

and because she only calls them in times of dire need she included a label that says it all....Quilters are the most generous people in the world!

The slide show from the last day is short because we sat around talking a good part of the morning but it was a sweet way to say good bye.  I hope you all take the time for yourself and your girlfriends because it will have the largest impact on your health!

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