Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Confessions of a Quilter

When the boys were young and I would get on a "clean up this clutter" binge they would ask, "Is someone coming to dinner?"  With that said if they saw me in the last 24 hours they would know someone is coming over.  I got a call from a quilter (Linda) I met last year who is a writer/editor. She is a Woolie follower and was writing an article for the local paper about decorating with quilts.  When asked if I would like to have my house/quilts photographed for the article I balked because I don't think of myself as a quilt decorator.  I had a couple of big quilts on the wall...that's it.  But when she started questioning me about my quilts I realized...I have quilts all over the place.  I am NOT an art quilter.  I am a home quilter.  I make the quilts for my own creative enjoyment and then we use them.

Well...they are coming over today!  Of course I spent the whole weekend "not at  home" cleaning but having fun with girlfriends.  Which meant yesterday I started to pick up this joint.  It is not that HH and I are pigs but we really live in our home.  We occupy every room with our lives.  We eat breakfast and read the paper at our dining table.  Our main lap top resides in the living room.  We eat dinner in our kitchen and we sit watch TV while I stitch in our family room.  The only room in our house that doesn't get used on a daily basis is a guest room which I had totally trashed because I store my extra batting pieces in that closet and before retreat I needed some.  The life clutter had to be dealt with...the mail on the breakfast table, the newspapers on the dining table...clutter, clutter, clutter.  They are coming at 1130 today...will I be done in time?

Enzo is exhausted from the effort it takes to avoid the vacuum cleaner!

Of course I had a deadline...which for my brain means stress...which means I started doing stuff that had nothing to do with the cleaning deadline.  While my ADHD brain started pinging around I found a stitchery on Pinterest that I loved.  When I contacted the person who had it on their bulletin board she said that she didn't know the name of the pattern and that it was discontinued. Not to be deterred from being able to make it and wanting to avoid cleaning I made a copy on my printer, went to the blue print mapping place and asked them to blow it up to an 8 x 10 size.  I came home and then printed it on Transfer Eze. Which meant I started stitching not cleaning!!!  which is why this morning I have to finish cleaning!!!

I backed my main fabric with a fusible fabric interfacing that Karen from My Yellow Farm House sent me last year.  By fusing it to the back you can't see the thread cross overs of your stitching.  I am using a 50 wt Aurafil thread with an embroidery needle.  I'm going to put a red pieced sashing around it when done and hang it in my sewing room!  The whole sewing machine design is made up of words that have to do with the stitchery craft.  Fun huh!  

Happy Valentine's Day...I am off to clean!