Monday, January 23, 2012

The Quilt Heroine

I get a daily email from Clotilde.  Yesterday's featured 
Organizational Ideas.  Some of which I had already created on my own and some I had never seen quilt jaws?! or a hang out for your rulers! I love organization...I aspire to be an organizational queen...

But, most of the time I end up creating a fun kinda chaos.  At book club yesterday although we were there to discuss "State of Wonder" our discussion ended on the topic of organizational chaos, how we deal with it and how our parents dealt with it...yikes.  This subject is in the fore front of my brain as we meet with a designer about the layout of a future home...which guessed it, a new sewing room.  Now this may be in the FAR FAR future but we wanted to at least get a design down on paper so we can trudge through the rivers of approvals and paperwork ahead.

Although you may have see shots of my sewing room I wanted to show what kind of organizational tool I am using currently and talk about them.

I love this spinning rack.  Not only because I can see all my little patterns but, they don't get lost in the vacuum of my sewing room.  And, there is shelving on the top and bottom for know, stuff.

This is one of my favorite things.  An old thread cabinet. A drawer for my pearl cottons. A drawer for my extra bindings and 2 sewing junk drawers.  Purchased in Sellwood, Oregon which is an antique mecca.

OK, now this is a little scary.  I have a small closet in my sewing room that has shelving from top to bottom. But the reason I took this photo is because of those little plastic buckets.  That is where I store my patterns.  They fit perfectly.  Anne of Cottons 'n Wool actually has hers in alphabetical order by designer.  When I grow up I want to be Anne!

My rulers are stored in wooden ruler rack.  I like the rack but is getting full and I  tend to stuff other stuff in the rack making it look somewhat like a "ruler mash pit." next to the rack in the same photo is a plastic magazine box that I picked up at Staples and it holds the patterns I have ripped out of magazines or printed off the Internet.  These patterns are considered as "must do's" in this lifetime.  As opposed to the shelves of books...Mimi (a woolie follower) was was dumb to pay $20 for a Quilt Mania magazine.  I have decided that this fabric diet has occasionally resulted in a "Quilter's Fugue State" where you make quilt related purchases without thinking!


The "normal" stash is stacked on shelves found at Target.  I do not like the idea of fabric in boxes as shown on Clotilde because I am of the belief that in order to create a wonderful quilt your fabric needs to breath, like a fine bottle of wine.  The buckets hold my wool and large pieces of fabric.

Now this is the "freak" side of the closet.  I try not to open this door to much, especially these drawers.  There are a couple of really sweet drawers that hold my Asian collection, homespun and polka dots...but, unfortunately because of room issues they have to be stored on this side of the closet (kinda like having to live on the other side of the railroad tracks).  Cause this side holds....UFO's, PIGs and WIP's...I can't remember who told me but one of the Woolie followers also has PhD's. But, I can't remember what that means?  Whenever I open this side I start hearing "trash talk"...and I just won't stand for it...besides, it kinda scares me...this is the scary side of the closet!

Someday I am going to be sooooo organized like Anne, courageous like Alma and creative like Kim...I think is I could roll them into one quilter...I could be SUPER Quilter, a new heroine who could champion those who are disorganized, can't cook and are fearful!

Have a monster great Monday!