Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Present For You!

Does anyone want these left over fabrics from my Henrietta Whiskers BOM?  If you do just leave me a comment and be a registered follower of the blog...oh yeah and be sure you are not a "no-reply" follower please so I can write you that you're a winner!  We'll see who the dog dish coughs up!

I am not a floral fabric kinda gal and so these fabrics were chosen by myself as a challenge.  Although I sometimes gagged through the project I really do think it turned out sweet.  I did change the finish because I wanted to have a square quilt.  Originally there was an upper and lower banner with wool applique.  Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs was so sweet to have put on this free BOM and I am glad I participated.

The sunrise was beautiful yesterday morning although you can't see it for all the trees. It is very different than our usual  winter.  We do tend to get a second summer in January. But, it is strange that we have had NO SNOW this winter.  Last night HH came home from work and decided to whisk me out of my hibernation to the Riverhouse for dinner.  During the dinner the employees of the Riverhouse were all excited because it was snowing outside. can tell how desperate we are around here because that wasn't snow...but little tiny white things that melted as soon as it hit a surface.

The only snowflakes around here are these ones that HH strung along the back deck to encourage the Snow God.

Yesterday was again spent in quiet contemplation in my sewing room.  Trying to figure out which UFO I want to work on???  Where is that dang quilting slave driver???  In between straining my brain over what to work on... I had to make flight reservations to San Francisco next month for some business.  What a hoot!  All the extra fees are actually hysterically funny.  You can pay $349 dollars up front so you can take 2 bags every flight for a year.  You can pay $18 for trip insurance.  For $38 you can breeze through the security check????  Hummm wonder if the terrorist know this?  And, for some additional moola you can board first to get an overhead bin before anyone else instead of knocking people aside to get your bag in the bin first! Where is the fun in that?!

Have a grateful Saturday!