Monday, January 2, 2012

OMG...It's Already Jan. 2nd!!!

The title of this blog says it all...when I reread yesterdays blog which I do each day looking for any spelling errors that might have slipped through...I was shocked!  What am I crazy!  It is too much!  I am not a magician or am I ever going to be able to do all that I have set before me????  Then I got an email from Mary (a woolie follower from the Southwest) and she has been doing all of this and more for 3 years!!! and 2012 is year #4!!!  Mary, you are my guru!    

Instead of clicking my heels together and say, "There's no Place like home" I am going to chant, " you can finish 1 UFO each month, make a holiday project each month, machine quilt one project each month and not buy any fabric for 3 months."  I need new shoes.

Anyhoo, Robin came over all excited to show her 2011 "finished" Free BOM mystery.  BJ's Quilt Basket has a new BOM each year.  They provide the pattern and fabric for the block with you adding a piece from your stash or purchasing new fabric.  They always provide at least 2 different colorways to appeal to different quilters.  Robin chose brights, I chose 30's (mine is officially a WIP)  This program is on the 1st Saturday of each month and you can do it by mail.  You get the next months block free if you have finished the previous months block.  For those long distance you just send a photo of your block.  Tell them the Woolie sent ya!  The biggie, and why Robin's is done...anyone who has their top pieced by the first meeting of the New Year gets their names in a drawing for Quilting by Long Arm Magician Sandy!

Yesterday was day 1 for all the challenges I have set before me.  I started by going through my tops and deciding which ones I wanted to start with...and...then seeing if I had backing fabric.  Here is the backing for an Asian wall hanging.  It was fabric that I used from my stash to make curtains for HH's office a few years ago.  A couple of years later they built a new building, put him on the top floor with a spectacular view.  Which meant the curtains came home. I couldn't part with the fabric.  I have always loved this fabric and am happy that it will get new life.

Here is the thing about UFO's, Pig, and WIP's.  They ended up in that pile because you either don't like the project, grew disenchanted with the fabrics or like me got distracted by a new project.  The hard part is figuring out where you left off and how you originally organized the construction.  So exists my Summer Stars BOW.  I love them but I have a million of them to make.   I decided to try a novel approach to my challenges.  Create a PLAN.  For sewing time will be dedicated to Summer Stars.

But first HH and I have to go to the movie and see Sherlock Holmes!  Have a great Monday!