Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Friends & Old Friends

Remember earlier this week in a post I said I was going to treat my UFO's as friends instead of enemies.  In my mind (scary place) I had made a rule that I wouldn't start any new project until I got my old ones done.  Yesterday, I had another moment...WHY??? would I make this rule???  I can feel the stress even as I write it here!  I have reclaimed my sewing room as a "No Flogging Zone" and made it again a place I love.  No, I did not burn any sage, nor chant and cast any spells.  I just stood in the middle of it and told my brain..."you're not the boss of me!" and let my heart take over.

There is nothing wrong with making new friends.  I love new friends.  I love it when I check my follower list and I see a new face...so, why would I deny a new project...just because there are old ones around.  With that said...I have seen  positive outcomes with the Fabric Diet. But, I know for a fact that I will only be on it for one quarter (sorry Sandy and Anne)  It has helped me realize I have really cool fabrics that I ignore for the ease of just going in a shop and picking out all the supplies needed for a project. But, I also feel like I am punishing myself by denying that which I might need for a really wonderful project.  Hummm maybe what I need to think about is that whatever project I choose to start it has to have some fabric from my stash included!?

Here is a peek at a new friend. A FREE BOM from the Raspberry Rabbit.  The first block is sooo dang sweet.  I have already prepped my fabrics (from my stash) for the entire project, which is wall hanging size.  And, I had enough of the tone of brown wool for 6 months of the rabbits.  I'll be off the diet by the time I need more brown.

Here is an 'ol friend.  Block 10 of the Summer Penny Garden BOM by Primitive Gatherings.  Only 2!!!  2 more blocks to go! and then there is a substantial wool applique border.  Isn't this the most beautiful block!

Tomorrow a HUGE SURPRISE!!!  Today I am heading over to Sisters for a class and after class I am going to be visiting Jean Wells at her home!  Tomorrow I'll have photos of her sewing studio!!! and stash!!!!  I know there have been articles featuring her spectacular home but there is nothing like a different perspective...and a Woolie one at that!