Saturday, January 14, 2012

Light Bulb Moment!

It is now day 14 of the New Year, about half way through the first month!  The momentum is still moving fast uphill for us all.  When 3 of the Fabric Stalkers stopped by they brought their latest and greatest projects.  It seems the new year brings a renewed energy and with that some decisions.  We all have looked back on the previous year, scooped up the positive and hopefully let go of the negative.  It is all choices.  This morning, I took a moment to really look at myself.  Usually life moves at such speed we do not have "quiet" time.  The benefit of blogging is that what you say is forever etched into the fiber of the Internet and can be retrieved!

I decided to take a look at where I was emotionally and with quilting a year ago.  Take a "Look" by clicking on this link.  I loved that my quilt room was a "No Flogging Zone." But, somehow by the end of the year I was back to flogging!  I was talking about "UFO's" and I am still talking about "UFO's"  What if, I looked at my UFO's, WIP's and PIG's as old friends.  You never give up on your friends. You are supportive, you laugh till you pee, and you embrace.  AND, here is the biggie-light bulb moment...when you embrace your ol' projects like you do your want to be with them...which may result in enjoying the process and completion!  My cup is half it runneth over with UFO's and I am one lucky girl!

Here is Lori's latest wool project!  Beautiful!  Mine is in kit form (we bought them at the same time) but, no flogging here...I will enjoy this project because hers is really wonderful!

...and she is tacking down the binding on her 2011 BJ's Quilt Basket BOM!

Here's Robin showing off the first section of a quilt in which she is designing the layout.  This is for her "Navy" son and he picked the train fabric from Homestead Quilts in La Pine, Oregon on a visit last year.

Irene and I got together to work on our Civil War project which has been ongoing by Barbara Brackman.  Irene is really making progress and I am sorry to say I did not get photos of the blocks she completed but I did take a photo of her fabrics which have now reproduced into 2 boxes....hummm...maybe that is why they are called reproduction fabrics???? Do not leave them alone in the same box!

I on the other hand finished 3 blocks that day!  Which is a record for me.  Last time I just sat around and watched Irene sew and only completed 1 block!

Have a Stimulating Saturday!