Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Dance & The Winner!

It came in the, not the Publisher's Clearinghouse Winner...something even better!!!  My Quilter's Affair registration packet!  I have been trying for years to register for a class I am interested in taking.  But, due to some complications like mailbox phobia, ADD, organization disorder and calendar dysfunction I have always gotten the rejection letter.  It is the only time I have received rejection letters.  Every college I applied too accepted me...every job I chose to apply for I have gotten, except the one where I tried to become a scoop journalist for The Source (a local paper).  I think they didn't call me back cause of age discrimination and I wasn't dressed cool, no tats, no tribal piercings.  I have received the Quilter's Affair rejection letter so many times that I knew when I saw this one...I had hit the mother load!  WINNER, WINNER, WINNER!

I ceremoniously opened the letter with my cool letter opener and there was my pink name badge!  I had finally sent it in right in, thank god I went to the mailbox, filled it out and stood at the Post Office till it opened so I could drop it in the inside slot.

I am now the proud student of a Sue Spargo "Wool Circle Play" class.  I have been wanting to take one of her classes that teach all that fun stitching you can do with wool!  I am going to sit in the front row and be her best student! Not like First Grade where I sat in the back row with tape across my mouth.   I also get to enjoy the fun lecture called "Dots & Spots" with Tonye Phillips and Kathy Deggendorfer!

...and the winner of the "Soul Mates" pattern is...Sandie@crazyboutquilts who said, " Oh! I have always loved that pattern too!  I would love to make it~and I'm a happy follower. :-) Thanks for the chance!" So send me your mailing address and I will drop the pattern in the mail next week!

Life is Good!