Thursday, January 12, 2012


I spent yesterday thinking.  Lots of thinking.  What to do about this?  What to do about that?  Should I do this?  Should I do that?  It was all good because I had the time and the peace to contemplate.  My first meeting was in the woods near my house.  It was FREEEZZZZING, there was no snow and the trail was dry.  I took my administrative assistant, Enzo and we headed out.  He doesn't take notes well but, he more than makes up for it by his good sense to agree with everything I say.  Although there is no quilting in this fact some quilting did occur yesterday, just not enough to photograph and cheer about.  So today is about a walk in the woods with Enzo.

I may be in a minority of individuals who love Juniper trees.  This is one of my favorite on the walk.. The thing about Junipers although they can be dirty, the berries make great Gin.  They suck about 30 gallons of water a day out of the earth and they have history.  We have a Juniper forest here in Central Oregon that dates back before Christ! And when a Juniper tree is singing it's siren song it is the most interesting because the trunk and branches grow willy nilly and without foliage they are fascinating

I did say that Enzo and I went on a walk but in reality the first half was a climb.  We headed up the River Trail and then found our deer trail up the side of Awbrey Butte.  When I say deer trail...I mean a single narrow trail that has been beaten down by years of the same herd making a path.  For Enzo it is a treat as he run and climbs up, nose to the ground...for is a struggle.  In some areas I have to hang on to the roots of trees and bushes so as to not tumble back down.  In the end...the view is worth it.  This view is of the Deschutes River looking south.

Once we climb out of the trees and brush we end up in a neighborhood of what used to be million dollar homes (some still are).  I am sure the people are peeking out their windows wondering where the heck we came from.  But, as with the rest of the nation building slowed way down and the deer trail ends on a vacant lot at the end of a cul du sac.  Once we walk down the street we pick up the Upland Trail and head back down the butte.  In the photo below you can just see the trail in the middle of the picture.

This trail although meant for humans is used by deer, coyote, raccoon, skunk and I could swear I saw cougar prints.  Which made the trip down more precarious. When heading down this trail you have to watch the ground for rocks and stumps, least you take a tumble.  But once I saw the potential cougar print I started watching above me.  A lot of runners use this trail which means when we see someone coming Enzo and I step off the trail to let them pass.  Which brings me to a story.  One day a handful of years back I was training for the Portland Marathon by trail running.  As I passed 3 ol' guys they yelled, "cougar bait."  I stopped, turned around and yelled back..."all I have to do is run faster than you guys!"  They howled in laughter.

As you can see Enzo is really in his element...always ahead, looking back to say, "do you need anything boss?"  sometimes I think he is really saying, "get your $%^& moving!"

Have a terrific Thursday!