Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas the Sequel

Yesterday was Christmas all over again!  And, I am not complaining!  Every year a couple of girlfriends and I have been getting together either for breakfast or dinner and exchanging gifts.  This year due to numerous events in all our lives we couldn't do it December.  We met at McKay's Cottage which is our favorite place to have breakfast and talked and talked and talked.  It is not like we don't see each other several times a week but on this day it always seems different.  We vowed to support and love each least for one more year! LOL  Look at the fun things I got!  The butterflies spin on a long pole in your garden, a serving bowl set for my entertaining, thread...the non-lint producing kind!, and this awesome holder that you slip under your mattress and it hangs down to hold your glasses, books and any manner of sleep aids!

This last 6 months has been a difficult sleep time for me.  My little monkey brain won't settle down...until 2 weeks ago when I read Andrew Weil's latest book and he suggested the non addictive melatonin because it doesn't interfere with any medications you take and has no side affects.  Now I have taken this before but not in the way he suggested.  The sublingual tablets you let dissolve under you tongue.  Wow...I have been sleeping well for the last 2 weeks!  Which makes me much more pleasant in the day light hours and my UFO's (my friends) has been impacted!

I ran out of olives yesterday.  This is almost an emergency.  I am addicted to Castellano olives and 6 of them are a serving.  The best place to get them in Newport Market and when we arrived there were emergency personnel out front for just such an emergency...olive rescue!  My oldest son used to do this kind of thing.  The Bend Fire Dept. was training for a state wide stair climbing competition and raising money.  

Here is the latest step of the UFO I am playing with.  The cutting alone took me a while.  44 of this, 86 of that, 155 wonder it took me a couple of hours to finish the cutting!  Bet you can't wait to see what all these little pieces make!

Have a Seaming Sunday!