Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend of Activity!

Mr. Honey Do (Terry) and his boss, Bev showed up to install 2 quilt hangers I had ordered.  Terry builds quilt hanger made to order!  His attention to detail is wonderful and he isn't scared of heights...which is really important when you are hanging a quilt rack at my house.  28 ft ceilings...just watching him made me weak in the knees but he climbed up and down the ladder like a monkey...with tools!

Bev helped in anyway she  "rear" support! lol finished wool quilt for this year is up for viewing.  When you walk in the front door you see this wall...oh yeah...I am really happy!

I hadn't been to my mail box in 3 days...what can I say...I continue to have a love/hate relationship with the box but, I am feeling guilty because of all the postal cuts on our poor mail person! was stuffed, as in Thanksgiving feast stuffed that he put a key in my box for the overflow in the bigger postal box.  Look at the goodies!  Stuff from my blog win, Primitive Gatherings and Sweetwater!  It was a Christmas explosion!

Remember this past week I was the winner of Give Away from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure  a 12 days of Christmas panel and the left over fabrics from a quilt she made!  Yahoooooo!  You have got to check out her blog cause she ROFLOL funny!  So this pile of fabrics....

....became  this pile of fabrics.  I am working on a wall hanging for my DIL...of course I won't reveal the outcome until I have presented it to her...least she see it too early!