Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life...

I took back the weekend...I took it back from "need too" "have too" and "should" and I made it all mine!  And the result is...I slept in today until 0630 which I never do!  And...the only reason I woke up was a wet nose bumping my elbow...and it wasn't HH's! but Enzo's.  He had his paws crossed and needed to go outside! LOL

I am having a little difficulty getting into the holiday spirit because of the weather.  Mom always told me to stop worrying about the weather because there is nothing you can do about it...but sheesh...We got one good snow storm at the beginning of November and not a flake since.  In fact it is gorgeous outside, blue sky...sun.  Both of my neighbors are snowbirds and I don't think they needed to leave this year!  So to get myself in the holiday mood I am going    post each day a favorite Christmas song!  

I started taking the weekend back after work on Friday.  HH and I went to Greg's Grill (no he does not own it...dang we would have gotten a free meal) because I wanted to see the lights in the Mill District and get that holiday mood started.  I love Bend when they wrap the trees in lights...and I loved these one's looking like Dr. Seuss trees!

Then Saturday morning I ran into Gayle & Sharon (owners of Sew Many Quilts) at Real Dealzz a fun shop in Bend.  Gayle said the shop (as in Sew Many Quilts) was having a sale at 75% off everything!!!  I yelled, "get out of my way!" and almost knocked her down to get to my car...before I heard her, no...I meant to say, what a let down...but still 25% off everything in the shop...and, I only have 21 more days till I have to stop shopping (I will explain in another blog why) So I headed over and purchased one pattern and one yard of fabric...but the yard of fabric is to be used in a "free" pattern I got from Jan Patek and so they cancel each other out (1 yd and free).

Sew Many Quilts is always so homey and fun.  More photos tomorrow since I am spending the afternoon there with Pam and her wool girls!

Then I decided to stop at a shop I have been eyeing for years...I know, how can one live in a small town, pass a shop and have never gone does happen.  What a treasure and what a wonderful shop owner!  It is located in a little house on Newport Ave.  His shop is stuffed and he believes in pricing his stuff to move!  His two hobbies are refurbishing lamps and this French marble game...there are boards all over the place made of different semi precious stones, marbles and glass.  I fell in love with the shop and the game!  I purchased the board where the marbles were made of Murano Glass because they were beautiful and I have been to the island of Murano and the glass factory with mom and Connor.

I ended the afternoon watching Alex & Ricky while working on my DIL's Christmas Wall Hanging with the fabrics I won from the Give Away on Kim's Big Quilting Adventure and must encourage you to check her blog out because today there is an awesome sounding soup recipe!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday...this afternoon I worship at the altar of Sew Many Quilts!