Monday, December 19, 2011

Give Away, Day 7...Hear Ye, Hear Ye...I've got news...

Good Monday Morning!!!  Lots of things to share today but first...the winner of Day 6 Chubby Chicks pattern is Rosa from Spain...who said, "I hope your husband is fine.  Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas."  Rosa let me know how to address that envelope so it will arrive...most likely after Christmas.

And, to give all the Woolie followers fair warning on Dec. 23rd is a big Give Away.  I found 6 patterns-2 blocks each from Brandywine Design called the 12 days of Christmas.  The 23rd was my parents wedding anniversary and my dad was such a Christmas freak...wonder where I get it???  This give away will be in memory of the parental units! lol

With Day 7 I am taking the pattern giveaway back to Redwork.  This one is great because it is created with all the different embroidery stitches!  And...for those who have never tried Redwork this is a great first project.  In fact as you can see from the close up, it was my first Redwork...done this year!!!  I chose it because I wanted to learn to embroider and if you have been following the blog, I am hooked on embroidery...but this one was the first (you can tell I am a Bird Brain Design fan).  So, leave a comment and be a registered follower!

I sewed sashing and framed it...I used Transfer Eze which allowed me to prep the project in 5 minutes and I was ready to stitch!

See, I was telling the first Redwork was this year!!!

Last night HH and I had a group of friends over for dinner.  I wanted to share a meal in thanks for friendship.  There were 5 "girls" and 4 "boys".  When I do something like this it is because I want too and when I want to do something, it is not stressful.  The preparation is joyful.  There is the message...don't do anything you don't want too! lol  So, in my attempt to mind meld with Martha and Alma I presented a variety of pre-dinner treats.  Doesn't it look yummy!!! Dinner followed consisting of Roasted Boneless Prime Rib, Roasted Vegetables, Pasta, Bread with seasoned dipping olive oil...Alma if you need any dinner suggestions just call me (I'm waving my hand like a phone).

My guest came bearing gifts.  I couldn't sleep last night because my mother was talking too me.  You ask how can my recently deceased mother be talking to me...if you knew her, you would know that it would not be a problem.  The reason she was pestering me was about the bouquet of flowers a friend brought over.  When I received the flowers I "stuck" them in a vase.  I felt a twinge as soon as I did it because I was raised to "arrange" flowers.  So, after much pestering I woke up this morning  took the flowers out of the vase and arranged them into 2 beautiful arrangements!  Can you believe that all those flowers were stuck in one vase...all the same height!  Mea Culpa mom!  You will also notice that in the second photo there is a candle which was brought by another guest. This candle was the only candle that was allowed to be burned in the White House by former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis.  I am feeling quite  I do not have a photo of the fudge that was brought...for obvious reasons!

Oh...and one of the guest brought Enzo a surprise.  That &*^% dog is growling at the camera right now! lol  I think he is worried the camera is gonna take it from him! 

And to wrap up this post...a sax as big as the musician!