Sunday, December 18, 2011

Give Away, Day 6...Unloading the Joy! LOL

 Wow, it is already Day 6...who would have thought time would be flying by this fast!  According to the drivers out on the road...some one is pretty stressed about time passing. I spent a couple of hours quilting the wall hanging I have been working know, time is running short!  I love how fun it is and I know my DIL will enjoy hanging it up during the holidays.  Then HH and I went to buy some shoe inserts to deal with his ongoing plantar fasciitis issue.  No fun and a big pain in the heel! We stopped for a good cup of coffee at Strictly Organic and then headed over to the grocery store to pick up some veggies for our dinner party tonight.  All this is 50+ degree weather!  As you can see, not a snowflake to be had!!!  In fact I think the lawn may need to be mowed! LOL

I thank the dog dish that I don't have to make the choice of who is the winner each day...cause I would be in a pickle!  I wish I had a bottomless pit of give away patterns.  Today's winner of the wonderful 3D birds and a little piece of red of WoolenSails who said, "I love these birds! I love doing birds and have never seen these before, gorgeous pieces and something I make a lot of."  So Debbie...send me your mailing address!

...And now for today's Give Away!  Remember the Chubby Chicks that I made early this year.  Well it is now going to be one of my 2012 UFO challenge projects! LOL  But, to get me going I am giving the pattern away!  I adjusted the size of the pattern so it could fit on my wall above my cutting table.

So if you want this a registered follower and leave a comment.  The chicks are made out of a  5 inch charm pack.  I originally purchased the pattern from Holly Hills Quilt Shoppe in West Linn, Oregon.

Here is something that will bring a smile to your face...and if must be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!