Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give Away, Day 1...of Spreading the Cheer!

Remember how I said that I was gonna share the joy with a Give Away starting 12 days before Christmas!!!  Well!!!  Today is the Day!  I have too many patterns!  I am combing through my patterns and pulling ones that I have already made...or that are so far down on the list of "will makes" that I most likely won't make in this life time!  To start off with a flurry of holiday excitement I chose this pattern of a Fly Fisherman and it also includes the suede to make the pattern! You must be signed up as a follower of this blog and then all you have to do is leave me a comment on the posting of the pattern which you would like.  Everyone in the world is included!!! You can leave a comment every day for every pattern or just the ones you really want.  Then to give myself a holiday gift I am going to announce the winners on Christmas Eve...on Christmas Day I will post the Final Grand Prize and that winner will be announced on New Years Eve!  Least you think I am insane...you are actually helping me cleaning, de-clutter and feel better about myself...I am thinking the number 300 sounds sweet...

Ahhh...yesterday was one of those wonderfully frustrating days at work!  My first patient of the day was a great guy getting his floppy valve fixed...as in heart surgery!  Great guy, great family and I was lucky enough to be his nurse if only the computers were working!#$%  But, before he went in they were up and working like a dream, life was good.  His wife is a quilter extraordinaire...she not only quilts but makes the most wonderful scrap books. I have been a long time quilting friend and former neighbor.  Due to HIPAA issues I got her permission to include them in the blog.  

And so what does a quilter do when they are waiting for a loved one who is having surgery???? Quilt!  Twilene we miss you at the Fabric Stalkers!

...and now for day 3, music for the holidays!  Enjoy!