Friday, December 23, 2011

Give Away, Day 11!!!! It's Not My Fault!

According To Brian know Brian, he an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford University...well anyhoo, he said, "we are built to forage, just like rats, just like dogs!" so we have brain circuitry that "compels us to go out get good stuff, even if we don't know what the good stuff is!"  Scientist say we are to some extent wired for shopping.  It seems to tap into circuits that originally spurred our ancestors to go out looking for food!  No wonder I break out into a cold sweat when I think of the quilting diet that Sandy, Anne & I are embarking on in the first quarter of 2012.  Today I shopped on the Internet, ordering stuff and then deleting just to work up my "denial muscles."  My nucleus accumbens is at work when I am considering a purchase...that is according to Brian. prefrontal cortex is where I decide to buy or not buy...hummm  There were 5 tips from experts on how to control shopping urges but since my quilt diet doesn't start till the 1st of January...I decided to ignore those!

The give away for Day 11 is close to my heart because I loved working on this project and finished it before July 4th this year!  It was fun to I hope you are the winner!!! (must be a registered follower and leave a comment you want it!...this was said in one of those fast pharmaceutical voices)

And now for the winner of the 12 days of Christmas!!!...Tammy who said, "Congrats Stray Stitches. Oh, those patterns would look gorgeous in wool!  Put me in the dog dish for sure! Thanks!
Congratulations Tammy!  Send me your email I expect those to be finished in 2012!!!

Today's Christmas Carole is by Dr. Elmo a Veterinarian who wrote one song that he puts it, paid the rent...