Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Give Away Count Down...4 more days!

One of the exciting things about visiting my dear son and family is we got to see the baby's room!!!  See the cute name banner that Robin made for the new little guy!  

We gave them this old dresser and he sanded it down and painted little monkeys all over it!  Adorable!!

Enzo was freaked about their wood floors and wanted to hide under their dining table all day! Their place is 3 stories and I had to escort him down the wooden stairs like a "service" person! lol

...and here is my sweet grandson.  Every time I see him I swear he grows an inch!  He is wild, energetic and amazing...of course that's nana talking.

What can I say...dinner was fabulous!  2 professional chefs fixed an amazing dinner...I had never had truffle oil before!

HH and I just sat and watched the magic! It was just like watching a reality show of Iron Chef!  The dining room in 2 steps higher than the kitchen and this photo was taken through an opening in the wall...just like watching TV! yum, yum, yum! Our son, DIL, her sister Becky (chef #1 with the wonderfully curly red hair) and friend Michele (chef #2) for some quilt talk...first, don't forget to leave a comment by clicking the link and be sure you are registered follower (hoping to reach that magic #300)...oh and make sure you are not a "no reply" blogger.

Secondly....I finished all the blocks for Henrietta Whiskers!!!!  yeah!!!!  I am working on getting some UFO's organized to begin the 2012 UFO Challenge!!!...and...3 days left before we start the fabric 1st quarter diet....I'm breaking out in a sweat!