Friday, December 30, 2011

Give Away, 2 Days Left!!! & Alleluia!!!

I am soooo glad I decided to check my post box yesterday!  Normally when I have made some online purchases I tend to avoid the box...needing to let the purchases rest there before allowing then into my brain and house.  But, yesterday I decided to check the box and alleluia!!!  The Quilter's Affair class and event schedule had arrived!!!  I absolutely LOVE this years poster!!!  OK...I can see there are too many exclamation points in this I'll tone it down...but REALLY!!!  Kathy Deggendorfer created an amazing piece of art!  The class schedule is incredible and the events will appeal to a wide variety of  visitors and locals.  They have expanded the events and so those visiting from afar will have more to choose from.

I had to show you what was left of our Christmas gift from our youngest son and future daughter in law.  The reason...because I think our Emily could be related to Alma of  Blackbird Design .  I have only candy maker, Marilyn Will (a woolie & material girl) who makes a Divinity that is divine.  The toffee that Emily made was incredible.  I am not a toffee person, leaning towards the dark chocolate variety of candy but, HH lives for toffee...the fact that a future DIL can actually make toffee.  Well, he is in candy heaven.  The reason we have some left, it is doled out like precious jewels to be savored and, I love this toffee! HH likes to savor things kinda like Enzo.  Whereas I am like a Labrador...gulp, gulp, gulp...I break off little pieces hoping he won't notice...which reminds me of brownies that Val (a Fabric Stalker) makes for our quilting retreats.  Everyone (except Jane) takes little tiny slivers hoping no one will notice that a whole section has disappeared.  Besides when eaten this way the calories don't count.

Only 2 days left before the Grand Prize Give Away all you have to do is be a registered follower, leave a comment on the link above and make sure you are not a "no reply" follower so I can contact you if you win!!!  Best Wishes!!!