Saturday, December 31, 2011

Give Away, 12 Hours Left! Grace, My 2012 Word

New Year's Eve, it has sooooo much potential doesn't it?!  It is a day to reflect back on the previous year, reveling in the joy and cry for the losses.  It is the day that we either choose to live in the past or reach for the future...

I would love to hear what your "word" is for 2012.  I have in recent years as encouraged by my cousin chosen a "word" to use as a touch stone for the year.  This year my word will be "grace."  To approach all things that I face in living without my mom, in settling her estate, in meeting a new grandchild, in seeing my youngest son marry...with grace.  Although I suspect there will be no grace in meeting our new grandchild and seeing my son marry...but only full out crazy joy!!!!

I love this quote by John Kennedy.  I have tried to work on "not" living in the past and carry forward the joyful memories.  I have had a harder time concentrating on the present and not worrying about the future.  But the men in my life are more present oriented and that is a gift. And, I have such wonderful girlfriends...they are a blessing to my life, rounding it out in a richness that I cherish.


will be an incredible year for the Woolie!  So many fun adventures we will have together...starting with the Grand Prize Give Away There are 16 hours left to click on this link, be a registered follower, leave a comment you want to be entered and be sure you are not a "no reply" follower so I can contact you in case you do not see you are a winner!  I wish I had something for each and every one of you because you DO mean so much to me!

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