Friday, November 18, 2011

This n' That & The Give Away

Yippee Skippy!  Woke up to the first snow in town that was sticking to the ground!  I know there are people out there who are huddled under their blankies cursing this event.  For me...I love the first one!  It is not much but it is beautiful...which means I am making soup for dinner!  Soup is not HH's favorite meal so I have to choose a good one to make.  I made Enzo sit in the garage while I took the photo because he goes ape sh...t in the stuff...messing up Mother Natures winter design.


I am going to be posting reminder photos of the Give Away to encourage you to click on the link and leave me a comment their.  For those of you thinking about clicking on the "join this site" button...Do It! Do It!  because I am going to add a second surprise!

Needless to say I have actually been making some progress on a few projects.  Can you guess what this braid of wool is all about!  for those Wool virgins who posted on the Give Away is wool quiz #1 (I love wool virgins...means the Woolie blog is workin' it!)


Isn't this pillow freakin' cute!!!  It was a PIG, then became a WIP and spent a good amount of time in the UFO pile and now it is completed!!!  Huston we have lift off!!!  Just in time for Winter,

...and lastly, I received an email from Bird Brain Designs that included this adorable wall hanging!  I have done Redwork.  I have done Blackwork...but, I have never done Bluework.  In fact if I hadn't seen this photo I would have gone "phmmmpt" at the thought!  Can you make that sound?  Practice, you might need to make it someday!

have a great weekend!  It is Robin and my weekend to work...hope we don't see you there!