Sunday, November 27, 2011


You have to understand, I am my mother's daughter and thus am not a big spender! I do on the other hand, have less issues with it than she did (except in a quilt store where I have big issues, mea culpa, mea culpa) When I want something, it has to look at least similar to what I imagine or I can wait.  The designer who helped me with the chair size also told me I needed a round coffee table no more than 30 inches in you know how hard that is to find?! Impossible!!!  Yesterday, HH took me on a quest to find the perfect coffee the designer stated..."our living room has a lot going on in it."  This translates have no design sense.  The thing about our house is nothing matches but...we love all our stuff!  The other thing is if I am going to make a big design faux pas I'm bring HH along to make it with me...and Enzo too.  By the 4th stop we hit an huge used & antique store where stuff is piled 3 deep and 3 high.  You really have to pick around and watch out for stuff above! It is in this unusual store stuck way off the beaten path in a little traveled industrial area that we found it!  It is actually an end table...but what the heck, none of our stuff matches anyway...and, the best part is it fits perfectly.

Enzo is exhausted from all the shopping. the same warehouse I found this cute mohair bear with his pop gun for $5!!!!

...and this gravy bowl (made in the USA) which I could have used 3 days ago.

Yesterday evening we started decorating.  In our household the tradition of Christmas decorating is combined with "snack dinner." which means "no cooking."  A selection of cheeses, crackers, olives and meats served on a platter (on our new coffee table) to enjoy while we decorate the tree.  Since the kids are grown and in their own homes, snack dinner now includes Spanish Coffees...oh yeah, we do enjoy our decorating.

We do have the most awesome dog and he is such a great sport!

Hope your Sunday is filled with love and family!