Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Red Banner Day!!!

I woke up this morning kinda groggy.  HH was coughing his head off most of the night until I got up at 0200 and gave him some cough syrup...poor guy.  The cold/cough that is making its way around this fall is a nasty one.  But true to form he dragged himself out of bed at 0500 and got ready for work.  A real trooper!  I turned the computer on and was checking out the blogs...hold your horses!...Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure  announced the winner to her Give Away!!! and it was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you very much (said in a Elvis voice).  A few weeks ago when I signed up to be a follower of Kim's blog as recommended by Anne of Cottons 'n Wool and QuiltWorks featured quilter for December, Sandy I was dumb founded.  Could there truly be another quilter out there as insane as myself?  I am not alone.  The first thing I noticed on her blog was that she challenged herself to finish 11 quilts in 2011...OMG, is that not the coolest...it is just the insanity I would participate in...like 3 BOW's in one summer or 10,000 BOM's.  Anyhoo, thank you Kim from the bottom of my heart. My DIL is going to love her birthday surprise (and if she reads this, nenernener...you don't know what I am going to make!)

I've decided that someone around here has got to bring in the moola and Enzo is the cutest one in the family.  Instead of being a stage mom on a reality TV show I think Enzo could me the next Vanna White of the Quilting World!  Don't be fooled by this photo where he is hiding his face from the camera...

...or this one of bored indifference...

...because he really does a wonderful job in showing off my latest mail surprise.  If only I could get him to say, "Give me the letter "B" for Bird Brain Designs "  I am working on getting him to smile more...really work the camera...to know he's got it and can flaunt it...don't be fooled by how bored he looks.  Come on Enzo...show mama you're a star!!! hummmm

...and finally our 2011 ornament.  I found it yesterday and it is beautiful.  Feels like glass, with 3 pearl like eggs and a sign that says "Our Nest"
Have a great day from our nest to yours.