Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oregon Studs

The reason the blog is a little late in posting is because I was distracted by Studs.

Now this one is my favorite but since he has to work Friday and I am heading over the mountain pass for a baby shower on Friday I needed a different stud...or studs.  There is a huge controversy over studded tires and studdless tires.  If you have ever lives in an area where snow and ice are a common winter occurrence you get dependent on studded tires...but they are hard on the road...thus the controversy.

Yesterday was the first day you could put your studs on and normally I don't put mine on until Dec. or Jan. depending on my travel plans...cause here in Bend, we are land locked by mountain passes.  It is early for studs but the forecast is 4 inches of snow on the Santium Pass which is the way I am traveling.  Which meant at 0630 this morning I was at Les Schwab getting mine put on...he said I have another couple of years left on these studded tires then I'll switch over to the studdless variety...because really how many studs does a 58 year old quilter need? LOL

The big quilting question today is...since I went for my eye exam after the looking at studs I can't see so good!  3-5 hours and maybe I can get Wyatt's quilt done.  Tonight the Fabric Stalkers come to dinner and say farewell to our Lindsey!