Thursday, November 24, 2011

A-L-M-A!!!! (yelled in a Fred Flinstone voice!)

Happy Thanksgiving!! I love Thanksgiving especially when I am going to someone elses house and bringing one signature dish.  But when Thanksgiving is at my house...well let's just say, I am no Alma from Blackbird Designs she can make a turkey out of construction paper and it would taste good!

So here is the beginning of the 2011 Thanksgiving saga.  I asked HH to get me a cooler to brine the turkey which was on Tuesday.  Nice camo cooler!  Brine Turkey for 24 hours.

Then according to Turkey Spa instruction you are supposed to take it out of the brine, bathe, dry and massage (ok the instruction did not say massage).

For some reason which I cannot fathom you are supposed to put the dried off turkey into a pan and place it uncovered in the fridge.  I cannot find any reason in the Turkey 101 literature that gives a reason for the naked turkey.  When I put my ear close to the door I heard the cranberries complaining about the lack of appropriate attire.

The biggest pain in the behind was the gravy.  Every year HH makes the gravy and it turns out great but this year I had to try something neeeew.  I should have listened to that little voice in the back of my brain saying, "danger Will Robinson danger"  But geesh the article said it would decrease the stress of the day because you would have made the "make ahead gravy!"  They did not say in the small print disclaimer that it would take me 3...3...days to complete the task!  But it starts out looking like soup.

Below is where some cussing...I mean spice was added to my next dish.  I could not get the freaking food processor to process.  So I call HH to help me figure out how to PULSE.  First he asked me when the last time I used it was...hummmm, maybe last Thanksgiving?  With his mechanical male brain he figured out I had the plastic bowl on backwards and the little gray dot in the front wasn't getting depressed...although, I was getting depressed!

But in the end I did get an interesting pomegranate relish!

And last but not least...or maybe I should say at the end of it all...or, is this a commentary to my cooking...I went out to get the BIG Thanksgiving issue of the paper and spotted 2 weird lumps on my lawn.  With the snow gone and sun out...they stood out like 2 buns on the lawn.  Now deer poop or excrement for the delicate quilter is usually little round pea sized loose items...but these were like too buns on the lawn!  Constipated deer...I wonder if it ate the dish I was making that didn't work and dumped off the back deck????

Happy Thanksgiving!