Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chit Chat

I have to share with you the story of a really great friendship.  Colleen and I have been friends since we were 13 years old when we met our freshman year of high school both young for our class.  My birthday was in October and hers was in November (Happy Birthday Colleen, a day early).  We were attending an all girls school...the kind where you had to wear pleated wool skirts  and saddle shoes.  We became life long besties forming the Bill Cosby Fan Club with a membership of two.  We were inseparable during those years until the death of her father our junior year and her family moved away.  My senior year was not what I had thought it would be...but over time there were connections and we ended up at the same university for a short while.  Our friendship survived throughout the ups and downs of life.  We have both lost our parents and she a younger brother. I used to write a blog called Boomin' the Baby Along and you can read about Colleen's brother through this link...Andy 

So why the tale of friendship...because a package arrived yesterday.  Last weekend while we were sharing a girlfriend weekend in Portland, Oregon I was looking for the See's Candy store that had been there for years!!!  Closed!!!  The economy sucks!  I was lamenting that they only have the orange dark chocolate candies for a short season...whaaa.  The the UPS guy shows up and lookie what my bestie from California sent me!!!  Some friendships are so much more than just  the chocolate!

Now back to quilting.  Here is my latest completed project!!!  Yeah I finished it before Fall was over!  The wool project was sent by Karen of My Yellow Farmhouse and I added the "Welcome" underneath the pumpkin so it would greet visitors at my front door.  Thanks Karen for the awesome project!

Today is an exciting adventure as I head over the mountain with Anne and Sandy to participate in the Holly Hills Homespun and Holly Event!  Will have lots to share over the next couple of days!